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Although a majority of the group's Libyan fighters are veterans of the Syrian Jihad, the group has recruited hundreds of locals attracted to its banners in part by better pay, according to the report.

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After an effort to win over hearts and minds in the city through proselytizing, the group began implementing fierce punishments like it has in Syria and Iraq including beheadings and crucifixions, according to the U. The report states that it will be more difficult for ISIS to raise money from oil in Libya than in Syria and Iraq, and that it has so far followed a strategy of sabotaging Libya's oil infrastructure rather than trying to profit from it.

"ISIL currently lacks the capacity to secure, hold and manage oil fields and related oil infrastructure in Libya.

ISIS, over the last year, has taken advantage of a political chaos and the simmering civil war between Islamists based in Tripoli and Misrata and a secular leaning rival government based in Tobruk to expand its presence in the country. report notes that "while the group is benefiting from the appeal and notoriety of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, it is only one player among multiple warring factions in Libya and faces strong resistance from the population, as well as difficulties in building and maintaining local alliances."Other limiting factors to its territorial expansion are the fact that it is more difficult for the group to exploit sectarian tensions because most Libyans are Sunnis and the fact that thus far it has only been able to muster a few thousand recruits, according to the report.