Explicity sex chat rooms

In the 1970s, arrests of voyeurs decreased in Scandinavia when cheap, 5-minute, explicit sex videos could be bought in pornography shops (personal observation, 1981).

On each visit, therefore, the therapist must ask, “Have you made any sex calls since your last visit? Medication (such as an SSRI) can reduce his intense drive for repetition but will not cure his need to make repeat calls.

At every visit, the caller should be clearly told this.

Some callers risk re-arrest for the sake of brief moments of sexual excitement. An obscene caller may be taking medications, or he may be in therapy.

Yet he may feel compelled to repeat the illegal act. ”Many obscene callers are under a court order to complete a year of psychotherapy. A caller may also not show up at therapy until shortly before his court date.

A few individuals may benefit from brief counseling as a safe place to discuss fears which may have been triggered by an old remembered horror movie.