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Nastya, 31, and Madina, 20, are wearing T-shirts over flimsy nighties and are drinking tea in the small kitchen.

The women only agree to speak to AFP because they trust an accompanying activist from the only NGO in Russia for sex workers called Serebryanaya Roza, or Silver Rose.

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Lisa – a woman who works there now – said the business does not provide any "sex transactions." Jing Ren leaves the Chesapeake General District Court in Chesapeake on Friday, April 1, 2016, after being found guilty of providing a massage without a license and unlawful activity by Judge Robert Carter.

Ren was one of 14 women arrested in a January raid of six Chesapeake massage parlors.

The same type of business license covers all massage establishments.

Nationwide, at least 4,790 erotic parlors were estimated to be operating in the U.

Clients are diverse, judging by their online posts. The men debate tactics for hiding their exploits from wives and watching out for “Uncle LEO” – short for law enforcement officer.