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Be sure to toggle back and forth between Panda Cam 1 and Panda Cam 2 using the tabs at the top of the video player to get the full Panda Cam experience.Dear Investor, You might be experiencing delay/non-receipt of consolidated account statement.Founded in 1976, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre is an independent, non-profit research and education facility located 23 km east of the town of Churchill, Manitoba.

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Aurora Borealis is a natural light display caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in high altitude atmospheres.

Experience the beauty of this scientific phenomenon and let us know if you catch an amazing burst of light.

To the east of the Centre lies Wapusk National Park which protects the inland denning area of the polar bear.

Polar bears can sometimes be seen easily from the Centre, especially during the fall polar bear migration.

Please experience this beautiful place with us and let us know what you see!